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(1/2) The Ryumonji Zen Monastery will be conducting a virtual service for New Years Eve tonight.
☸️ 7:30 pm (Zoom) Zazen
☸️ 8:10 pm (Zoom) Chanting of the Heart Sutra
☸️ 8:30 pm (Zoom) New Year’s Eve – Ringing of the 108 Bells on the outside O-Bonsho

素敵な#臘八をお過ごしください (suteki na #rouhatsu o osugoshi kudasai) and have a nice #BodhiDay, everyone!
#zen #holiday #Buddhism #japanese #禅宗 #記念日

☸️ From January 3 to February 14 in 2021, Rev. #Shindo will be hosting a winter #Ango online! See the graphic for details.

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🙏 #Gassho.

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Please join us today at 1:00 PM CT for the #StLouis #ActionToFeedTheHungry #fundraising event as hosted by the Buddhist Council of Greater St. Louis. Our very own Kalen will be speaking along with many others.

Thank you. 🙏

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