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A day of discussion about #ClimateChange in the context of #SociallyEngagedBuddhism will be on Saturday, March 7, beginning at 1:30 PM in the #FoGuangShan #StLouis #Buddhist Center in #Bridgeton, MO. For more info, see the image attached or call 314-229-3085. All are welcome.

Be sure to listen to our own Shindo as he’s being interviewed on February 18 regarding Birthday Stranger (
Time: ≈ 8 - 9p
Station: KMOX 1120AM (@kmoxnews)
Show: Overnight America
Host: Ryan Wrecker (@RyanWrecker)

There will be no #meditation services at #WeAlign with Shindo on Thursday, #January23 and Sunday, #January25. We're sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding.
#Jan23 #Jan25 #NoService #NoHostedMeditation

#SCAM ALERT!  The website is NOT us. This is a #scammer using the Inside Dharma and ShinzoZMC names and information.  For more information, check our official website at  Take care!

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